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Specialty Clinic Services

Did you know you can see Altru providers at NVHC?

North Valley Health Center is proud to partner with Altru to bring specialty services to our community. Dr. Brendan Boe currently offers OBGYN services once a month at our facility, and Dr. Cameron and Dr. Kirnus currently offer cardiology services once a month on a rotating basis. To schedule an appointment with one of these providers at our facility, call 701-780-6900 (OBGYN) or 701-780-6236 (cardiology) and ask to be seen in Warren at North Valley Health Center. If you have trouble scheduling an appointment, please call NVHC at 218-745-4211 and we will be happy to assist you.

Dr. Boe, OBGYN will be at NVHC on February 8 

Dr. Cameron, Cardiology will be at NVHC on February 28
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