North Valley Health Center Seeks Input

Area residents are being asked for comments and suggestions on the services offered by North Valley Health Center (NVHC) as part of a formal review of community healthcare needs undertaken every three years. This includes suggestions for new services and ideas for growing under-utilized ones. The survey can be completed online at or at NVHC in person.

“We believe that learning from the clients we serve is critical to our success,” stated Jon Linnell, CEO of NVHC, so we are always seeking feedback. This current community assessment will help to structure ideas and guide our future directions. We are always eager to learn, adapt and improve.”

As part of a comprehensive community approach to wellness, the survey also asks respondents to provide suggestions for enhancing the health and quality of life for area residents. To address these issues, the Director of North Valley Public Health, Gail Larson, is partnering with NVHC on the assessment. Larson states: “It is exciting to match up prevention with frontline healthcare and strategically think through ways we can work together towards a healthier region. Assisting in worksite wellness programs, decreasing tobacco use and increasing access to healthier foods are just a few components of prevention that we are engaged in and impact the overall health in northwest Minnesota.”

Once the survey results are in, NVHC will be exploring ways to move ahead with what is learned. “Obviously, we can’t be all things to everyone, but we do want to make the most of the services we provide, expand to areas where we can feasibly meet existing needs and work together with public health to achieve similar goals. We want to think broadly and creatively in developing ways we can help people live longer and healthier lives” stated Linnell.

The final report with findings and recommendations will be posted on this website in addition to being available in hard copy form at the health center.

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