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Manage your family’s health care before it becomes urgent. Visit one of our providers for regular check-ups, like annual physicals, well-child check-ups and cancer screenings, or other non-urgent health concerns.

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North Valley Health Center is proud to offer cardiac rehab and stress testing to help improve your heart health!

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 North Valley Health Center’s endoscopy team is proud to offer both flexible sigmoidoscopies, upper endoscopies, and colonoscopies to meet all your endoscopy needs.

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The Imaging department at North Valley Health Center offers a range of diagnostic imaging services to meet your health care needs, including 3D mammograms, CT scans, MRI, and more!

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Utilizing state of the art instruments, our laboratory professionals provide our patients with a wide-variety of timely and accurate tests.

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Experience community caring at North Valley Health Center! Our dedicated and caring staff are committed to providing compassionate and high-quality care during your stay with us. 

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The Therapy department at North Valley Health Center offers a range of therapy services to meet your health care needs, including outpatient physical therapy (PT), outpatient speech, inpatient PT, and more!

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Outpatient Services are services that do not require a hospitalization or clinic appointment at the time of treatment. North Valley Health Center offers a variety of outpatient services. 

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Our dedicated EMS team provides high-quality care to the community when they need it most. To request an ambulance for an emergency, call 911. 

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The North Valley Public Health staff offer a wide range of health services to our community including: foot care services, child and teen exams for eligible children from birth – 20 years old, immunization clinics, and more!