Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services are services that do not require a hospitalization or clinic appointment at the time of treatment.

We are also able to provide these services to you from a provider outside of North Valley Health Center. In order to receive these services, we need a written order from your provider.

Services included but not limited to:

Infusion Therapy

  • IV Antibiotics
  • IV Fluids
  • Prolastin
  • Venofer (Iron)
  • Blood


  • Allergy
  • Aranesp
  • Depo Provera
  • Neulasta
  • Procrit
  • Testosterone
  • Vaccinations
  • Vitamin B12
  • Xolair


Physical Therapy


For more information regarding Outpatient Services, call (218) 745-4211.