Swing Bed & Transitional Care

Swing Bed

Swing Bed is a 24-hour skilled nursing care plus the benefit of “rehabilitation” therapies to help patients transition to home or a long-term care facility. Swing bed can also be utilized to help rehabilitate from surgery, illness or accident. When patients reach the point in their recovery that acute care is no longer necessary, but they are not yet ready to leave the hospital, they can be evaluated for this special program that provides skilled follow-up care.

Even if the original hospitalization occurred elsewhere, patients may still qualify for our program at North Valley Health Center.

Swing Beds are commonly used for individuals:

  • Requiring therapy services – Post Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Requiring ongoing IV medication for a specified length of time – Infusion Therapy
  • That need to gain strength after an illness during a stay in the hospital.

Patients must meet all of the following Medicare guidelines to be eligible for the Swing Bed program:

  • Participation in Medicare Part A or an alternate insurance with skilled care benefits
  • A medically necessary acute hospitalization of at least three days immediately prior to Skilled Swing Bed admission
  • A daily skilled care needed which is directly related to the acute care hospitalization
  • Physician authorization

Review your insurance plan to determine if you qualify for Swing Bed coverage.

Transitional Care

This non-Medicare program is usually used by a patient after an Acute Hospital or Skilled Swing Bed stay. It is designed for patients that do not require daily skilled services, only custodial care. This means a patient needs assistance with personal care such as:

  • walking,
  • getting in and out of bed,
  • assistance with bathing,
  • aid in dressing,
  • help feeding
  • and toileting assistance.

This is generally a self-pay program. However, it may be covered by some private insurances requiring prior authorization.

To view Frequently Asked Questions, go here: Swing Bed FAQs. For more information regarding the Skilled Swing Bed or Transitional Care, call 218-745-4211.