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Cardiac Rehab

Picture of cardiac rehab team

North Valley Health Center is proud to offer cardiac rehab and stress testing (a test that shows how your heart works during physical activity and is used as a diagnostic tool for different cardiac concerns) to help improve your heart health. If you have experienced a heart attack, heart failure, angioplasty or heart surgery, our cardiac rehab care team will work closely with your referring practitioner to provide you with a personalized program to help improve your heart health. Members of your cardiac rehab team, made up of your cardiologist (or referring physician), NVHC’s Dr. LeBlanc, NVHC's cardiac rehab RN, and NVHC's physical therapists and imaging technicians, work together to design your personalized cardiovascular health care plan. Participating in cardiac rehab lowers your risk of a second cardiac event and paves a path for a healthier future! 


If you have experienced a cardiac event and would like to participate in NVHC’s cardiac rehab program, speak with your cardiologist or primary care physician to learn if you qualify,  or call us at 218-745-4211 to meet with one of our providers.

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