Clinic Services

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Experience Community Caring

Our dedicated team of primary care providers administer comprehensive care for the entire family - children, teens, adults, and seniors. Visiting with one of our providers for annual physicals, well-child visits, routine screenings, and other non-urgent health concerns helps you manage your health concerns before they become urgent. Instead of waiting until a pain, ache, rash, or other symptom becomes unbearable, we encourage you to make appointments for concerns as they arise. Should you need specialized care, your primary care provider can help coordinate your care with a trusted specialist. 


Clinic Hours: Monday-Friday | 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

Respiratory Care Clinic: Saturday mornings by appointment only**

To schedule an appointment call: (218) 745-4211 or (800) 950-6986


**Please note North Valley Health Center is no longer offering Saturday morning convenient care clinic services at this time


Staying up-to-date on immunizations is an important part of both your health and the health of your community. Our clinic team can keep you up-to-date on which vaccinations you or a loved one may need and administer it to you during your appointment. Follow this link for information from the CDC on suggested immunization schedules: Immunization Schedules | CDC

Well-Child Visits

Well-child visits are key times for communication with your child’s provider and an important way to monitor your child’s health. During your child’s well-child visit, expect to be given information about developmental milestones, nutrition, sleep, safety, and other important topics about your child’s health. Make the most of these visits by writing down important questions and concerns to bring with you. Topics that are usually covered include:

  • Physical examination

  • Auscultation (listening to heart, breath, and stomach sounds)

  • Heart sounds

  • Infantile reflexes and deep tendon reflexes as the child gets older

  • Immunizations

  • Standard ophthalmic exam

  • Temperature measurement (also normal body temperature)

  • Appropriate diet (breast feeding, balanced diet for proper growth/nutrition)

  • Growth and development (developmental milestones)

Follow this link for more information on Well-Child visits from Minnesota Department of Health: Child and Teen Checkups - Minnesota Department of Health (

Annual Physicals & Routine Screenings

Receiving a routine physical and appropriate screenings is an important part of managing your health. These exams can help catch various diseases early and give your trusted provider important insight into your overall health. It also is a great time to ask your care team any questions or raise concerns that you may have about your health. It is recommended that everyone receives a physical exam at least once a year (and as health concerns arise) to stay on top of your health.