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Maternal & Child Health Programs

Our Maternal & Child Health Programs promote wellness through a continuum of comprehensive health care programs for women, young children and families, including home visits, healthy lifestyle resources, creating a nurturing environment, and providing referrals & connections with support agencies and services. 

Why should I enroll in these programs?

North Valley Public Health encourages clients in these programs to take care of themselves so they can provide the nurturing and safe 
environment that influences a child’s world. Public health nurses work with clients to achieve wellness during pregnancy, postpartum, and daily life. In addition, the nurses seek to foster a positive and fulfilling experience of motherhood for those they serve.  

How does my child benefit from these programs?

Early life experiences for children are significantly influenced by parents, caregivers, and the adults in their lives. Nurturing and loving relationships have a tangible and long-lasting impact on a child’s development. Enrollment in any available program brings another caring adult into your child’s life. Additionally, it can help you enhance your parenting skills to be the best parent you can be for your child. 

What programs are available?

To learn more about the available programs, click here or call North Valley Public Health at 218-745-5154.

How do I enroll?

Maternal and Child Health programs are available to Marshall County residents who would benefit from the array of services outlined in this brochure. To enroll in any of these programs, please call NVPH at 218-745-5154. 

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