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Moms and Babies

Maternal & Child Health Programs

Pregnancy Testing & Contraception
North Valley Public Health (NVPH) currently offers women pregnancy testing and the privacy of coming into our clinic to meet with a nurse about any concerns she may have about pregnancy or contraception at no charge. Additionally, NVPH has partnered with Polk County Public Health to provide free STI testing with treatment and consultation options.

Prenatal & Postpartum Care

A public health nurse will share with you information about topics of concern many new mothers have during pregnancy and postpartum, including: 

  • How to take care of yourself & baby during pregnancy

  • Preparing for labor & delivery

  • Caring for your newborn

  • Breastfeeding & formula 

  • Postpartum depression concerns & referrals

 The nurse may also provide home visits to monitor health concerns during pregnancy and help establish healthy lifestyle habits that benefit both you & your baby! They will also answer any questions or address concerns you may have during this time.

Family Home Visits 

This free program allows a public health nurse to visit families in their homes to monitor health concerns, conduct environmental assessments for lead and asthma triggers, and provide guidance to enhance the child(ren)’s growth and development. Families or health care providers may request these visits. 

WIC - Women, Infant & Children

Pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women, infants, and children up to age 5 are eligible. They must meet income guidelines, state residency requirements and be individually determined to be at “nutritional risk” by a health professional. The Public Health nurse is also available at WIC clinics to discuss health issues and assist parents in accessing information and providers.

Minnesota Vaccine for Children & MIIC
The Minnesota Vaccine for Children program offers free or reduced cost immunizations to qualified children. Minnesota Immunization 
Information Connection (MIIC) is a statewide system that contains a complete and accurate record of a person’s immunizations, no matter where shots were given in Minnesota. A NVPH nurse can help you access this information at no charge. 

Child & Teen Checkups (C&TC)
Regular checkups beginning at birth give families and healthcare providers an opportunity to monitor a child’s growth and development, screen for concerns, and treat any ailments. C&TC 
visits are covered for children from birth through 20 years who are enrolled in Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare. Care includes:

  • Well care physical exams

  • Blood tests & urine samples

  • Vision & hearing screenings

  • Immunizations

  • Growth & development assessments 

  • Dental screenings

  • Health education on a variety topics

 North Valley Public Health is here to help families find clinics or dentists, schedule appointments, arrange transportation, and more!

Car Seat Program
For families that qualify, NVPH offers free child restraints in limited quantities. NVPH also offers car seat education and checks from a certified technician by appointment.  

Lead Screening
A simple blood test is available to check your child for lead exposure. Blue Plus, Health Partners and Medical Assistance cover this testing, but it is also offered at a small fee to those outside these health plans.

Follow Along Program
This program is for children in Marshall County who would benefit from a free tracking program that helps parents observe their child’s development from birth to 4-years-old. You receive ideas of fun activities to have your child try at various ages, and questionnaires about your child’s physical and social development. Once reviewed, the maternal child health nurse will get in touch with you. Together you can talk about choices for further evaluations or early help services.

Dental Fluoride Varnishing
This service is a topical fluoride application to your child’s teeth. Fluoride varnish is highly effective at reducing tooth decay if applied twice a year. This service is covered under the Blue Plus, Health Partners, and Medical Assistance health plans. It is also available for children with other health plans for a small fee. 

Help Me Grow (IEIC)
This program is designed for children with special needs, such as speech delays, movement problems, or learning disabilities. Through this program, NVPH can help coordinate physical therapy, speech therapy, early childhood special education, and more to help your children develop.

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