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Emergency Medical Services

two ambulances parked in front NVHC parking lot with NVHC in the background
2022 EMS staff in front of a NVHC ambulance

To request an ambulance for an emergency, call 911.

North Valley Health Center (NVHC) has been the sole provider of ambulance services since 2015. Prior to this, the service had been provided through a partnership with Warren Volunteer Ambulance Corps dating back to 1970.

NVHC Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides Basic Life Support (BLS) services but we do have the ability to intercept with area Advanced Life Support (ALS) services as well as flight services. Our state-of-the-art ambulances have top-notch equipment such as the LUCAS device, which is a device that does chest compressions, a 12-lead EKG LifePak machine, AEDs, Power-Load Cots, and superb, highly skilled medical responders to answer any and all calls 24/7, 365 days a year.


Currently we cover 732 square miles in Marshall and northern Polk Counties in the cities and rural areas of Warren, Alvarado, Oslo, Argyle, Viking and East Grand Forks. We run about 400 calls per year consisting of 911 emergencies and inter-facility transfers mainly to Grand Forks. We provide standby for all fire calls of the Warren Volunteer Fire Department. We work closely with area first responders and law enforcement agencies when responding to calls. One truck is staffed with a crew of three that includes at least one EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) on each shift. Our 2nd truck will go out as needed where we will utilize other available responders. Both of our trucks are housed at North Valley Health Center. All 911 calls are answered at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department in Warren and relayed to us via a pager system.


Our staff consists of 26 employees (15 EMTs and 11 EMRs (Emergency Medical Responders)). The EMTs are Nationally Registered EMTs (NREMTs) that provide out-of-hospital emergency medical care and transportation for critical and emergent patients. They have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to stabilize and safely transport patients ranging from non-emergent/routine medical transports to life threatening emergencies. EMRs also provide immediate lifesaving care to critical patients and provide assistance to higher-level personnel at the scene of emergencies and during transport. Dr. Frank LeBlanc serves as the medical director for NVHC EMS.

Our Team
  • Sally Roller, EMS Manager, NREMT

  • Rodger Haugtvedt, NREMT

  • David Durand, NREMT

  • Kyle Matti, NREMT

  • Molly Roller, NREMT

  • Jim Stafford, EMR

  • Jim Jubie, NREMT

  • Rachel Deitz, NRMET

  • Lowell Engen, EMR

  • Stephanie Jorgenson, NREMT

  • Kelly Helm, EMR

  • Angie Hougard, NREMT

  • Marcus Steien, NREMT

  • Michael Steien, NREMT

  • Carson Pagnac, NREMT

  • Mackenzie Roller, EMR

  • April Vansickle, EMR

  • Alexis Olson, EMR

  • Erin Scott, EMR

  • David Muirhead, NREMT

  • Heather Moreno, NREMT

  • Tyson Shade, NREMT

  • Peyton Deitz Thorson, EMR

  • Brooklyn Porter, NREMT

  • Freddie Martinez, NREMT

  • Ashley Turner, NREMT

  • Taylor Clark, NREMT


NVHC EMS provides event standby and participates in various community events including Warren-Alvarado-Oslo High School football games, Marshall County Fair activities, youth snowmobile races, area parades, sports team send-offs, CHS Ag Safety Day and EMS Week festivities at the local elementary school.


Our team holds meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. The monthly meeting consists of business items followed by training time.

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