North Valley Health Center’s Emergency Medical Service is working in full swing!

emsNorth Valley Health Center has been busy with our newest department, North Valley Health Center Emergency Medical Services. DeAnn Ellefson our EMS Manager has been working hard on scheduling, recruiting, rebranding and taking ambulance calls. DeAnn is from Argyle where she was born and raised. She started her career as a 1st responder in Stephen, MN. She has had her EMT License for almost 6 years. “Our transition has been going wonderful and our EMT’s and EMR’s have been so helpful and patient with us as we transition into our new department. They have proven to be highly skilled and I couldn’t be happier with our Emergency Medical Service Team.” DeAnn Ellefson commented. A new F450 Horton Ambulance arrived Spring of 2016 and is our primary ambulance.

Currently we cover 732 square miles, run about 340 calls per year and staff 28 employees (20 EMTs and 8 EMRs). We provide BLS which is basic life support services but do have the ability to intercept with area ALS (advanced life support) services as well as AirMed. Our rig has the LUCAS device which is a device that does chest compressions. We also have a 12 lead ekg machine which gives us the capability to take a picture of a patient’s heart and transmit that information to the ERs here at NVHC, Altru and Sanford in TRF.

If you are interested in becoming an EMT or an EMR, call (218) 745-4211.